Five Divine Abodes

Five abiding places of God

There are five different qualities –

1. Filial piety.

2. Feminine Chastity.

3. Brahmacharya.

4. Truthfulness

5. Devotion of God.

My Self, Neelmani will explain all the above terms one by one in a much descriptive way. So, All the readers with beautiful mind are invited. These lines are not the words of me, but these comprises of rules which must one obey to make this world better by contributing themself. These lines will be of God, from God to the child of God, who live in India only.
After reading my future writings on this topic, you will came to know about the five qualities which are the real homes of God Supreme and five great sacrifices.
I suppose, that my future writing and your reading  on ” Five Divine Abodes ” will the five stairs of Self-sublimation and the Moral Living persons would get benefited from it.
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expression for love

Divine love for the Creator and all His creation ?

Everybody wants to be in love. It could be with a person or some aspect of life that one is passionate about. The only requirement is total engagement of the heart. Worldly love is something everyone experiences, but there are some blessed souls who experience divine love; the extraordinary of feeling of being in love with God. Indic scriptures offer many stirring examples.
The gopis of Brindavan revelled in their love of Krishna and achieved an exalted status. Saints like Kabir, Mirabai, Tukaram, Namdev like them immortalised divine love in verse.
There is nothing equal to divine love which alone can help the devotee experience God.
Many are the means described for the attainment of the highest goal….. but of all I could name, verily love is the highest; what ineffable joy one finds through love of Me, the blissful self! Once that joy is realised, all earthly pleasures fade in to nothingness….. “
self love

self love to success

Its Remain Unaffected

What in this world you love the most ? Your spouse! Your parents! Your Children! Your Job! Your Success!. Most of you must be having different opinion, to some body spouse may be the dearest, to some one else the priority may be parents or children, but one thing that will permanently feature in the reply of every one is ‘success’. Everybody loves success, even if someone is indifferent towards his job, or blocked in a job where he does not have any interest and have not fared well enough and seldom achieved success, the love for this pleasant emotion is always there and that too in the top most priority . One may or may not try with sufficient efficiency, attitude and aptitude but the aspiration, the desire and the love for ‘success’ remains unaffected.

Caution : I am talking to myself only and to one, who knows “who I am”…. and
what I mean to her since 2002……
If you are other than, “that one” …….. You might be at Risk……….
Now, coming deeply to the virtual topic….since today, I am inspired a lot by just talking to her,
to come up again with a new topic exclusively for the real ones of the world…..

Moving Deeply into the New……

The present moment is all you ever have. There is never a time when your  life is not “this moment”.  Is this not a fact ?
Psychological time is a mental disease. Look as its collective manifestations. They occur, for e.g; in the form of Ideologies or, any nationalism, or rigid religious belief systems, which operate under the implicit assumptions that the highest good lies in the future and that therefore the end justifies the means. The end is an idea, a point in the mind projected future, when salvation in whatever form – happiness, fulfillment, equality, liberation, and so on-will be attained.
Not, infrequently, the means of getting there are the enslavement, torture and murder of people in the present. for example, it is estimated that as many as 50 million people were murdered to further the cause of communism to bring about a “better world”….. a chilling example of how belief in a future heaven creates a present hell.

nothing to lose

My Mother India, I am saying to you – Your Existence is in Danger

There are lots to say and ask to you, so read till end. We live in India and we were taught in childhood and even to present generation that we are the best in the world with the poems and songs. I am reaching 25 and my friends and nearby concerned usually ask what’s your opinion, who is better ? To whom you are going to vote? who is your favorite leader? Always these question make by B.P high but I realise suddenly that this is fact, and those who live in fact, lives on earth primarily in India.